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I noticed him when he cleaned the toilets so humbly and thoroughly on a college retreat. He fell for me when we were moving in next door to each other the next fall. We knew it was meant to be when we discovered that we'd spent family vacations at the same rustic campground. We started dating in our senior year and remained at Princeton after graduation, Erik to complete a PhD in theoretical physics, me to work for the Christian college ministry we’d been a part of as students. Two years later we were married, and after three blissful newlywed years amidst a close-knit community, we learned we were expecting our first child and moving to what seemed to be the edge of known existence – Albuquerque, NM. Now our little boy Luke is nearing two, we’re expecting a girl next month, and we’ve grown to love our new city. What a joy to draw closer to one another and to God as we care for these two little blessings and root ourselves in a new community. We try to keep in touch here via (mostly) Erik’s photography and my blog posts. In addition to ample kid coverage, you’ll find updates on our continuous quest to update our home and explore the Southwest. Thanks for visiting us! Erin -- November 21, 2010

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